Skin Tightening

Don’t feel like you have much fat to lose but have loose skin from previous weight loss, having children, aging, body composition changes?  We can help with that too!  Our system allows us to specifically target the skin. Our INMODE Evolve X Tite provides excellent skin tightening results with high patient comfort and satisfaction!  A minimum of 6 treatments is recommended and will tighten skin, improve skin texture and appearance over time.

  • Improved tone and texture of skin
  • More definition
  • Collagen stimulation

Skin tightening may be performed as a single therapy or as part of a treatment plan/regimen.   Therefore, we recommend an initial consultation and exam to evaluate and discuss your specific concerns and expectations.  In most cases improvement in skin laxity requires at least 6 treatments.  With proper care and particularly when combined with other therapies, the results are excellent.  With your visit your aesthetician will not only discuss the treatment but will go over your skin care regimen and provide recommendations to optimize your results.