Hair Removal

Tired of shaving or having hair in unwanted places? We can help eliminate/reduce hair to give you the smooth skin you dream of and eliminate shaving with razors that can cause skin irritation and infection.  Most individuals need 3-6 treatments due to the cycle of hair follicles, but more may be needed depending on the individual, the type of hair, and the area being treated.  

  • Long term reduction of unwanted hair.

At your initial consultation our provider will be able to assess you unwanted hair growth and provide you with recommendations on the best treatment plan to help you become hair free!  The hair removal process has been known to be a painful process at times.  But do not fear!  Our Venus IPL hair removal system is designed with the best possible patient comfort in mind.  It uses specific cooling technology to allow enough heat to destroy the obnoxious hair follicle but keep the skin cool during the process.  There is no down time and you can go about your day as soon as your treatment is complete.  Most individuals will require 3 to 6 treatments depending on the amount, color, and type of hair being treated.  Since hair follicles go through cycles of growth only those in the active growth phase respond to the treatment. Because of this, treatments are generally performed about every 6 weeks to optimally treat the hair as it goes into its active phase.