Muscle Toning

We are excited to add muscle toning as part of our services here at AHTA! With the INMODE Evolve X Tone, we can target specific muscle groups with electrical energy to promote muscle growth and tone. We all have areas that we struggle to build, whether it is your abs, glutes, arms, or any other muscle you want to tone, we can target it! Each session is 20-30 minutes of muscle stimulation causing contractions of the muscle group. A minimum of 6 sessions at 1-week intervals is recommended for optimal results. As muscles require stimulation to maintain their size, we do recommend monthly sessions once the desired results are attained. This is a great way to augment your hard work in the gym or focus on specific muscle groups.

  • Improved muscle tone and contour.

Muscle toning can be performed alone or as part of a complete body contouring treatment. We recommend a consultation with our aesthetician to discuss your goals and expectations to provide you with the optimal treatment plan.  Once a treatment plan is designed for you, we will schedule you for weekly treatments that will last about 30 minutes per session (longer if adding other services).