Anti-Aging Therapy

Hormones play a large role in the aging process.  As we get older our hormone levels of all types decrease and the balances change.  It is important to keep these hormones in the correct balance to optimize your body and prevent the adverse effects of the aging process.  Growth hormone and Growth hormone releasing peptides dramatically improve the bodies ability to function and maintain a youthful appearance, as well as keep you healthy both mentally and physically. We are excited to share more!

  • Better sleep
  • Improved weight loss/fat loss
  • Improvement in skin, hair, and nails
  • Disease prevention
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Slow and reverse the effects of aging

Whatever your goal, here at AHTA we are here to help and answer your questions. Your care will start with a one on one visit with our anti-aging and hormone specialist.  This visit will consist of a detailed history and simple exam to evaluate your needs and identify any risk factors.  Based on your concerns and history we will perform a lab evaluation to determine any deficiencies or imbalances.  A follow up visit is then set for about 1 week to review the labs and set up a plan to help you be your healthiest.  Follow up will be based on your therapy and needs.